Sperrhake Passau Harpsichord

This Harpsichord was made by Kurt Sperrhake in the late 1960’s. I was looking for a used harpsichord for maybe  a year or two and I was lucky to find this on eBay! This is a small single manual instrument with a set of 8′ and 4′ strings and a lute stop.

The Baroque era was great for bassoon literature and it’s fun to perform. I personally don’t find baroque bassoon to be a satisfying sound (when I play it) so this is the most authentic way for me to experience the music from that time. Plus I enjoy accompanying students during lessons, since every student has to learn the Telemann sonata and Vivaldi concertos!

Sperrhake Passau Harpsichord Manual

Kurt Sperrhake made all sorts of period keyboard instruments in Passau, Germany from the 1950’s-70’s. He was a big force behind the reemergence of the baroque music scene and many of his instruments are still in great playing condition.

Sperrhake Passau