Keyed Kontraptions Holiday Stream

Here is the holiday live stream! If you watch the video on youtube there is a program listing with time stamps in the description.


Keyed Kontraptions Holiday Concert

Keyed Kontaptions is live streaming a Holiday concert! It will be on Monday December 3 at 12pm noon. The stream will be on Facebook and Instagram @KeyedKontraptions

The Concert will feature

Meerenai Shim, Contrabass Flute

Jon Szin, Bass Clarinet

Kris King, Contraforte


Nomad Session – Cool Grey City

Nomad Session recently finished a large work that took place over multiple concerts. This was a commission from Nick Benavides  that he based on different landmarks aspects of San Francisco. The videography was done by Maggie Beidelman.

“What about San Francisco’s tucked away stair cases, community gardens, block sized patches of green and that one “quiet spot” in the neighborhood park with a great view that only a local can lead you to? These are the hidden spaces we are interested in and we believe that there is something more magical waiting to be discovered amidst all the fog that fills this city we call home”





Bassoon Keywork Replating

Last summer I had time to send my bassoon in to get replated. When I bought it, I really liked the sound and response but it felt physically rough to play and some of the keys had pitting.

I sent my bassoon to Chad Taylor in Illinois and he ended up removing the plating himself. He then sent the instrument’s keys and metal bands out to be worked on.

After getting the keyword back he repadded the bassoon and redid all of the bumpers, corks, and felts. It took him a few months to do the whole project, but it ended up looking and feeling much better. Contact Chad about bassoon repair at