Dvorak Serenade

Dvorak’s Serenade for winds is a piece that doesn’t get programmed enough. There is a whole catalogue of repertoire for large wind chamber ensembles that mostly goes unplayed, this work is one that gets a little more attention.

There are two passages of running sixteenth notes which originally trade off between bassoon, cello, and clarinet. I changed the voicing of this material to make it more bassoonable.

Dvorak Serenade Bassoons pdf

Violin Concerto in G minor, RV 315

This Violin concerto by Vivaldi is well known and gets a lot of air time especially in commercials. I thought that it would be funny to set for bassoon quartet since the bassoon has a specific kind of dry articulation. There are some measures cut from the original to make it more bassoon friendly.

The pdf to the sheet music is here:

Violin RV 315 pdf 

Contraforte for Sale


I’m selling the Contraforte! It’s being sold through Midwest Musical Imports This is a chance to get a contraforte on a budget and with no waiting list.

This is the 2 flageolet (bocal vent) model

Included is an extra bocal, flight case, gig bag, push swab, extra drain felts, reeds, fingering chart, stand, contrabassoon reed-bocal adapter

This instrument is suited for a pro player, who is able to make reeds