The Southeast Symphony (including me!) is putting on a production of Soldier’s Tale by Stravinsky. I invite anyone and everyone to come out and see it, this Thursday at 8pm. The address is on the above postcard, and you can purchase tickets beforehand at

Soldier’s Tale is a piece for Chamber orchestra, actors, and dancers. The story is based on the Russian folk tale “The Runaway Soldier” which is about a soldier’s encounter with the Devil. The work heavily features the violin which is a large part of the story.


Our performance was video recorded and is now up on youtube!

The usable range of the Contraforte is from A0-C5. This is an improvement on the contrabassoon range by a few steps. Although I know some very talented contra players that can play almost as high as any contraforte. Im mostly posting this so that composers are able to hear the timbre change of the different registers.

The Contraforte does not have a dependable high D but it is possible. Here I play the opening bassoon solo from Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, at actually pitch. I used an extremely thick reed with a lot of resistance.

Contraforte Fingering Chart