I was shopping for cases after selling my Wiseman case with my Fox bassoon. The Heckel came with a Gewa case, but the tenor and long joint would rub together and was creating some wear to the varnish of the wood. The Gewa case also came with an Altieri case cover which was too loose and uncomfortable to wear. The advantage of the Gewa case is the outside pocket of the case cover was large enough to hold original parts and a folding bassoon stand.

Gewa Bassoon Case

So my first thought was to get another Wiseman case. I had enjoyed mine for many years and now Wiseman has more options for interior colors and a fiberglass version. The big hurdle was the price, which is sort of justified since its kind of on par with luxury travel luggage. Even though the tenor and long joints were stored together I never found that they moved or created damage. I didn’t even mind that the storage was limited. What bothered me was that the case was large and heavy, which made it hard to walk with for a distance.

Wiseman Bassoon Case

Some of my friends have the Bonna case and I was curious about it, I went to Forrests to look at them. What surprised me was that it was very light weight and held the bassoon securely in place. I ended up getting one to at least try for a few months, and so far I like it. The bocal storage is small pouches on the floor of the case, it conflicts with my french whisper key so I keep them in a bocal box in my bag. The tenor joint and long joint have a small amount of space between them so they don’t rub. This case doesn’t have a pouch to hold large original parts, so I use a music folder. This case is so far the easiest to use and walk with.Bonna Bassoon Case

I am selling my Fox 601 bassoon. I am continuing to downsize my bassoon collection so that I can afford a new horn for myself. This is an amazing instrument that has been used in symphony orchestra for years. I have had this bassoon for 10 years now and it got me through the San Francisco Conservatory and many of my first gigs in San Francisco. My reason for selling this is simply that I like to change my sound every few years and I am looking for something new.

I have found that this bassoon is very flexible and change sounds with different bocals and reed shapes. I can blend with older Heckel bassoons and project for solo playing. I have been most successful with Heckel and Leitzinger bocals with Hertzberg and the Fox #2 shapes. I am selling this with 4 bocals and the Wiseman case; the horn has a little finger whisper key, A flick key to whisper bridge, Ab-Bb trill key and roller on thumb F# and Bb.

Selling for $18,500 or best offer. Feel free to send me an email through the Musical Chairs listing

Musical Chairs Fox 601

Fox 601

Fox 601
Fox 601

I bought a Wiseman bassoon case three years ago to replace my Fox bassoon case. My Fox professional case was such a hassle to commute with and walk ¬†around San Francisco with that I had to buy a replacement. The Wiseman case appealed to me on an esthetic level with the crushed velvet interior and the leather exterior. I have gotten so many compliments about this case since I’ve been using it, most people just don’t believe that a whole bassoon fits inside!

Wiseman Bassoon Case


My concern was that that the materials wouldn’t hold up for a few years. The case is made from wood, dense foam, crushed velvet, leather and velcro. For the most part it has all held up well, with the exception of the velcro on the handle. The Velcro that lines the edge of the case is doing fine after 3 years of continuous use, but the handles are falling apart.

Wiseman Case

After ripping off the first time I took heavy load thread and reattached the strips. It is falling apart again after about a year. This time around Im going to use a set of snaps.

All in all a great case, they have recently launched carbon fiber cases and a bassoon/contrabassoon combination case.

wiseman contrabassoon case