Contrabassoons of the World!

It’s so amazing that we live in the age of youtube and world wide web! We are able to hear what different players sound like all over the world, the differing styles and tones of certain players. Contrabassoon is especially interesting because I don’t think that contrabassoon tone is uniform throughout most cities! Thanks to players uploading footage and interviews we are able to hear from a wind section that we wouldn’t normally have access to. These are a few clips featuring players around the world.


Amrei Liebold, Orchestre de Paris

Luke Whitehead, Philharmonia Orchestra

Dominic Morgan, London Symphony Orchestra

Lewis Lipnick, National Symphony Orchestra

Jaap de Vries, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra

Gregg Henegar, Boston Symphony Orchestra

Bach on bassoon and contrabassoon

I have been arranging the Bach Partita for bassoon/contrabassoon. Each of the movements can be found as PDF files on the right sidebar for your own use. I have been having fun with the contraforte recently so I did them on the CF.