Bassoon for sale

King Symphony Bassoon

I have a bassoon up for sale at Midwest Musical Imports and it ready for trials. This bassoon got me into many years of California all state band and orchestra as well as through my conservatory auditions. This would be a good high school bassoon or for a dedicated middle school student.


One Reply to “Bassoon for sale”

  1. How wonderful to see the King Symphony bassoon that looks more like my Kohlert and my Polisi than any Schreiber I have seen. The high C key that angles to the right is one clue. The plateau for trilling low C to D is another Kohlert clue. The left hand whisper key lock is Kohlert. The pancake wide cover is Kohlert. And the left hand Eb trill key is my favorite, but not exclusive to Kohlert. Enjoyable bassoons!

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