Legere Reeds

Legere Bassoon Reeds have been in and out of my reed case over the last few years. Initially they were fantastic and I played many concerts on them, but then I discovered that they don’t last forever. After a few weeks the reeds develop little hairline cracks at the tip and become less vibrant.

Most recently they changed style to something more resistant, and used silver staples. I found a few of these that were great but generally these were unpopular because of the lack of vibration. And now Legere has reworked the bassoon reed again to have a longer blade length and a narrower shape. This new batch of reeds is just coming out and is going to be available everywhere in a few weeks. These reeds are vibrant and have excellent attacks. I’ve been really liking these new reeds and will be using them all summer.

Legere reeds

They did a commercial with Paul Hanson, jazz bassoonist extraordinaire. And he touches on a good point which is that Legere reeds allow us to focus on the music.

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