Keyed Kontraptions Holiday Stream

Here is the holiday live stream! If you watch the video on youtube there is a program listing with time stamps in the description.


Keyed Kontraptions Concert – April 7

On Saturday April 7 at 7:30 Keyed Kontraptions has a concert at the  Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church. We will play works by Yangfan Xu, Bryan Lin, Sarah Wald, Joseph Columbo, and Lily Chen.  The program is varied including elements of aleatory, minimalism, and some juicy woodwind extended techniques!

Keyed Kontraptions

Meerenai Shim and I have started a new ensemble, Keyed Kontraptions!

This was a natural progression for us which came about from our previous collaborations. Our combined sound is so unique and I am excited to share our playing with you. We will be working with composers in the Bay Area to create repertoire for this arrangement.

Joseph Columbo wrote us a piece last season titled Strawocktopuss (which is a reference to one of my tattoos) Here is our performance of his piece, more to come!